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You're in Great Hands!

If you have never had a medical visit with a naturopathic doctor, you are in for a pleasant surprise!   The first visit is much longer than your typical PCP visit.  Most patients are appreciate of this,  because this is probably the first time they have been able to get this level of focus and depth with a physician. 

Initial Visit:
During your first visit, I will complete a thorough intake and medical history.  In the 60 minutes that we are together, I will decide whether you need laboratory exams to complete my diagnosis. 

Follow Up Visit:
Your second visit will last anywhere from 30-45 minutes depending on whether labs were completed.  If labs were completed, you will have a thorough explanation of what your labs mean to you and also how we will treat any nutrient deficiencies.  In this visit, I will answer any questions you may have and help you choose options for treatment.  By the end of this visit, I will provide you with a treatment plan that contains details of what was discussed and description of the treatments we have agreed upon. 

Acupuncture Visit:
Acupuncture can be added on to any visit for an extra fee. Acupuncture can be helpful for a variety of conditions including pain management. Be sure to inquire before your appointment.


Accepted Insurance:

(Plans vary - Check with your insurance plan to ensure Naturopathic/Acupuncture services are covered.)

  • Aetna

  • Anthem/ Blue Cross-Blue Shield

  • Cigna

  • United/Oxford



Anna L.

Words are not enough to describe my amazing experience with Dr. Pierre. I think only the smile on my face and tears of joys can fully express how I felt when my PCOS symptoms have nearly all disappeared and my recent scan showed no more cysts on my ovaries. It has taken about a year to get rid of my hormonal/blood sugar issues which is not a long time considering my regular OBGYN told me that it was not possible and that my symptoms would only get worse over time. I attribute these positive effects to the following: Dr. Pierre's meticulous examination of my blood results and recommendations for food and supplements to rectify my imbalances, Dr. Pierre's incredible empathy as she listened to not just my physical symptoms, but dug deep into the emotional ones too, and Dr. Pierre's application of acupuncture and keeping me accountable to my health and well-being through a personalized diet that is now second nature to me. I will never stop going to Dr. Pierre and recommend her to anyone, especially those who think that they are stuck with their condition forever. There is hope and that is Dr. Pierre!

Julie Ann

Dr. Pierre was recommended to me by a coworker and I’m happy I followed through with the recommendation. Dr. Pierre took the time to listen to my concerns and symptoms I was experiencing. I highly recommend seeing her to get back to optimal health. I’m definitely feeling better since seeing her.

Jasmine D.

Dr. Pierre is truly an amazing physician. She listens and gives an attentive ear to what I have to say and has no problem if I ask a question. I have to say, it is a blessing to have her as my physician and I won’t take that for granted.