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WPKN Radio Show - Seeking Wellness: Our Bodies Explained

Catch Dr. Pierre on Seeking Wellness every 4th Saturday of the month on 89.5 FM WPKN at 9am!

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June 2019 Topic: Father’s Day special!

In comparison to women, men are less likely to seek out preventative care. As a result, they usually only consult a physician when something is wrong. In honor of Father’s Day, Dr. J takes a look at some of the most common health issues that bring male patients into the office.

Topics include: “The Annual Visit” – how to make your annual visit truly preventative – learn what tests your doctor should be running and the importance of getting yearly bloodwork. Next, we dive deep into the alphabet soup of men’s health – PSA, BPH, DRE and ED. The discussion continues with testicular/prostate health, self-exams, prostate cancer, andropause, and finally we illuminate the causes of male pattern baldness.

June 2019 Podcast: