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An integrative physician = a better patient experience.

Dr. Jennifer C. Pierre

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Hello and welcome to my home on the web!  Come in, take off your coat and stay a while. 

My name is Dr. Jennifer C. Pierre, known affectionately by my patients as Dr. J.  Since the age of 13, I've known I wanted to be a doctor, but my path was quite circuitous!  Fast forward to college: I was a pre-med student majoring in biology at Cornell University when I realized that I didn't want to go the conventional route.  I wanted to be a different type a doctor.  I wanted to be the kind of doctor that spent more than 15 minutes with my patients.  I wanted to provide more for my patients, despite the limitations of the American healthcare system.  But how would I do this?

My frustration stemmed from feeling rushed at my doctor's visits and many times I felt that I wasn't given enough information about my particular diagnosis.  This would begin the search for a medicine that I never knew existed - Naturopathic Medicine. 

Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) must complete 4 -5 years of a medical program at an  accredited naturopathic medical school.  During that time, we study the basic sciences along with pharmacology and the clinical sciences.  At the same time, natural treatments are incorporated into the curriculum: botanical medicine, Chinese medicine / acupuncture, hydrotherapy, homeopathy and physical medicine.  We also learn clinical nutrition, IV therapy, minor surgery and mind body medicine - #nodaysoff .  Prior to state licensure, two sets of professional board examinations must be successfully completed.  As a result, NDs are trained as primary care physicians (PCPs), but many of us specialize in certain areas like endocrinology, pediatrics or oncology.

 The medicine that we recognize in the United States as "conventional" has not always been the case (as often portrayed).  Yes - you heard that right!  Ironically, the first place I learned about this was in one of my public health courses in graduate school.  Natural medicine (referred to as complementary or alternative medicine in the Western world) has been used throughout many cultures for centuries.  The advent of modern day medicine took off after the discovery of aspirin and antibiotics in the early 1900s.  Most pharmaceutical drugs are based on plants that were commonly used in the ancient cultures of the Americas, Africa and Asia. 

Natural medicine is making a huge comeback due in part to the rise in chronic disease in the United States.  Most of these diseases are preventable through diet and lifestyle change.  These include but are not limited to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and cancer.  An effective way to decrease these rates is through patient education.

I am an integrative physician who knows how to navigate research and science, who prioritizes natural treatment protocols over pharmaceutical drugs.  What I love about being an integrative physician is that optimal patient care often requires collaboration with other practitioners, e.g., psychologists, health coaches, nutritionists, chiropractors, NPs and MD/DOs. 

In my approach to medicine, I use my research acumen and public health background to give you the best of both worlds.  By combining the best in natural medicine with modern technology, I give my patients the best care.  But don't just take my word for it, come find out for yourself!

Jennifer C. Pierre, ND, MPH - Naturopathic Physician & Public Health Advocate

Jennifer C. Pierre, ND, MPH - Naturopathic Physician & Public Health Advocate


Dr. Jennifer C. Pierre is a licensed Naturopathic physician in Arizona and Connecticut.  She received her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences in Tempe, Arizona. Dr. Pierre is a native New Yorker and alumna of Cornell University and University at Albany, School of Public Health.

Dr. Pierre is the Chief Medical Officer at Revive Wellness Center in New Haven, CT. Her experience as a public health professional and advocate spans over 15 years; including roles in health research, prenatal health education and mental health counseling. Alongside patient care, she integrates her knowledge of medicine with public health acumen by designing public health programming for municipalities and non-profits; and provides advisory and health consultation for individuals and businesses.

Prior to becoming a physician, she received certifications in prenatal and Kundalini yoga, which she emphatically integrates into her patient care protocols. Her love of patient care has expanded into global health initiatives, participating in medical missions in Haiti, Mexico and Kenya. Preceding the explosion of the “natural hair movement”, Dr. Pierre was an influencer whose tips for healthy hair growth, treatment and styling were widely sought after in the natural hair community.

When she is not seeing patients, Dr. J enjoys prayer and meditation, traveling, fashion, reading, and cooking vegetarian meals that make meat lovers reconsider. She is also the host of Seeking Wellness , a radio show on WPKN 89.5FM in Bridgeport, CT. You can listen in on the fourth Saturday of every month from 9-10 AM.